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Mark Vandenbrink


It's officially that time of year again, where lights are strung, bows are tied and the cozy feeling of the holidays has arrived. Three key trends define holiday decoration themes for Christmas this year.

Northern Climes

A serene mood inspired by remote Northern landscapes and the natural beauty of winter light. The home becomes a haven against the elements, using artisanal techniques combined with modern technology to create a contemporary yet natural mood.


A joyous approach to the festive season blends pop art-inspired graphics with childlike fun & games. Vintage-influenced kitsch adds an element of fun for a contemporary Christmas.

Opulent Luxe

A ‘pile it all on’ maximalist aesthetic is inspired by historical interiors and mystical references. Rich and opulent, this luxurious mood combines plush surfaces with hi-shine metallics and heavy embellishment.
Delicate winter pastels are contrasted with earthy browns, winter white, and shades of cool grey. Conifer green, sky blue, and eucalyptus add natural elemental tones. Translucent, metallic, and frosted surfaces create seasonal sparkle.
  • Rustic, materials from nature inspire an artisanal approach to Christmas decoration.
  • Monochrome print & pattern are bold & graphic and contrasted with metallics.
  • Reflective, light-infused surfaces in neutral, pared-down colour combinations add subtle sparkle and shine.
Super bright shades of turquoise, cerise, canary yellow, tangerine, lime, and pillar-box red are contrasted with black and white. Pastel pink and stone soften the palette.
  • Geometric prints and cartoon-like graphics are bold and bright.
  • Kitsch imagery injects an element of fun.
  • Bright, tactile, and glittery surfaces add texture.
  • Synthetic materials create bold shapes and smooth hi-shine surfaces
Dark, saturated tones are rich and luxurious, combining precious jewel shades with hi-shine metallics. Black, pewter, and gold add a dramatic contrast. Rich brocades, tapestries, devorè, velvet, and damask add opulence and texture to soft furnishings.
  • Print & pattern reference otherworldly mystical and magical imagery.
  • Candlelight and room fragrances create an atmospheric mood.
  • Ornamental decoration, polished & carved wood, and metallic surfaces are key.


Mark VandenBrink is an award-winning Century 21 Real Estate Professional and someone who believes in helping others reach their dreams of home ownership.

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