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Mark Vandenbrink


For most people, a great cup of coffee is their favorite part of their morning, work break, or meet up with an old friend. Coffee is more than just a pick me up, but experience; the warmth it gives, the fragrance, and the deliciously smooth taste all come together perfectly. So whereabouts in Barrie are you going to find that perfect brew? We have come up with a list of the best places to get a great cup of coffee, along with a great atmosphere and friendly staff. Have you tried any of these coffee shops if not we definitely recommend all of them!


If you love a great cup of coffee, Barrie Bean Counter is the next place to try. They serve organic, fair trade, locally roasted coffee with plenty of options depending on your choice of the blend. It is also very reasonably priced and has super friendly staff, free wifi, and a great ambiance that come together to make it a lovely place to chat with friends or sit and work.


Finding restaurants that serve real, made-in-house, healthy vegan food is not always easy. The Lazy Tulip is a small, quaint coffee shop that offers fresh vegetarian and vegan options. They also offer many gluten-free options and locally raised meats on their menu and they also offer catering services. This independently owned coffee shop also features local artists and boasts a personal and comforting atmosphere.


The Tip & Sip Cafe specializes in offering customers the freshest food items from the menu.
They also offer gluten-free options such as their bread, vegan gravies, and vegetarian options like their famous veggie burger. The atmosphere boasts a European feel, with a warm relaxing setup perfect for enjoying a great cup of coffee and a treat.


Coffee Culture Cafe & Eatery is a fantastic coffee shop with a warm and inviting atmosphere. This cafe has a classy upscale feel to it. It’s one of the best places to have coffee and cheesecake! This is a great place for some quiet time to work on that novel you’ve been planning or a get-together with friends.


Campbell’s British Food is a lovely little place for afternoon tea/coffee. They offer a large selection of teas and treats, many of which are imported from Britain. The treats and sandwiches that come with afternoon tea are delicious. This has a great ambiance of a home away from home, the staff is extremely friendly and why not try something new.


Bohemia cafe is definitely a favorite in Barrie, with its warmth and charm it has won over many locals. The atmosphere and style are definitely unique and inviting. Espresso is fantastic here along with their other coffees, and the food is delicious. All the food is handmade in-house and very fresh. This cafe has a huge focus on using local ingredients right down to the coffee beans they use to the ingredients in their dishes. You can also sit upstairs and have a view of the water while you sip on your freshly made coffee.


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