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Mark Vandenbrink


Moving can be a chaotic time and getting everything and everyone in your home organized can be difficult. However, we have compiled a few tips that we think are very helpful when moving to keep everyone organized and make your move as much fun as possible.
Our first tip is to declutter your home, garage and backyard shed before you pack a thing. Make sure you don't pack anything that you haven't used in a couple of years, it won't be worth the work or the space it will take up. It’s always easier to get rid of unused items than trying to find places to put them in your new home. It’s a great idea to donate as many items you no longer want, to help out your local community. Another great idea is to hire a cleaning company to come in after you've moved out and before the new owners move in.
Our second tip is to use labels on all of your moving boxes. Put the labels on all four sides of the boxes so you won't need to flip or turn the box to try to see where it needs to go. It might seem like overkill but its well worth it when you’re tired and want to get it done quickly. Try to pack all of the miscellaneous items first, as they will be the last to be taken off the truck and all of the other more important or specific items will already be in their designated rooms.
Our third tip is to pack the essentials last, including one “totally essential box” for anything you will need for the first day or night. This essential box could include a coffee/coffee maker, mugs, pillows and blankets, toilet paper, laptop, and toys for the kids/pets. Also, pajamas and some spare clothes will be helpful to have on hand. But don't stop there, think ahead about what you will need to unpack first. Cleaning products are important to unpack first so have those handy along with a mop and broom, vacuum, and trash bags. Light bulbs and some tools will be handy for assembling furniture and hanging things on the wall, also changing light fixtures. Bath products are essential as well, so have your toilet paper, towels, products, and shower curtain handy. Kids' toys and dog dishes will be needed as well. These are the items that will make moving easier when you have these things at your disposal instead of searching high and low for them.
We recommend using Two Men and a Truck for moving, as they are super friendly and do a great job. For cleaning, we recommend Mint Green Clean, as they have eco-friendly supplies and are friendly and affordable.
Two Men and a Truck
Mint Green Clean


Mark VandenBrink is an award-winning Century 21 Real Estate Professional and someone who believes in helping others reach their dreams of home ownership.

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