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Selling your home can be extremely stressful, but can also be a very rewarding experience when done right. However, many people can fall into making costly mistakes by overlooking something simple or by not putting in the extra effort that could get you top dollar for your home. So here is a shortlist of common mistakes people make when selling their home, so you can avoid making the same mistakes and have a more enjoyable experience.

Not Hiring a Professional to Sell Your Home

It may seem like a great idea to sell your own home, how hard could it be right? Maybe a little harder than you thought. Statistics show that homeowners who sell their own homes have their houses on the market for much longer and tend to sell for far less than a sale with a Real Estate Professional. So you might think you'll take away more money without those realtor fees, you might actually make way less than you originally thought.

Not Pricing Your Home Properly

Over-pricing AND under-pricing your home can/will be a huge money-losing mistake. You must make sure you are very familiar with the current market and proper home comparables in your area. Losing money on a home sale is very disappointing, so make sure your homework is done and that your stubbornness on a price doesn’t get in the way of making money.

Neglecting Necessary Home Repairs Prior to Listing

Home repairs can be costly and sometimes frustrating, but don’t neglect the necessary repairs prior to listing your home. However, it is almost always less money to do the repairs before selling and less of a hassle too. Anything you can do to make selling your home less stressful and reduce the costs is well worth the work.

Not De-cluttering Your Home

Clutter in your home will reduce the sale price and may even cost you the sale. Decluttering your home will create a sense of spaciousness, from kitchen countertops to that junk room in the basement. It won’t cost much at all to remove excess junk, but it may cost you a sale or a reduction in the selling price, so take a few extra days prior to listing and get rid of all that stuff!

Selling Your Home Empty

Selling your home empty might seem like a good idea, you might have started removing excess junk and get a little carried away. However, it's always best to keep your home looking like a home, whether its staged (preferable) or with your existing furniture in each room. Many people go into empty homes and have a hard time imagining what it might look like furnished, which means they cant imagine themselves living in the home. This is not good for selling your home, as you want buyers to walk in and see themselves living in your home. If you have already removed your furniture from the home it is well worth the money to have a stager come into the home and give it that charming appeal that will have buyers dreaming of owning your home.

Letting Ego Get In The Way

This is your home and you might have in mind exactly what you want to happen during the sale, however, an ego can cost you a sale. So although the process can be stressful, try to take a minute to collect yourself and remind yourself that this is a business transaction and rationality is the best to produce the best results. Try not to take things too personally.

Letting Kids and Pets Spoil a Deal

This one can be difficult because you love your children and you love your pets, but buyers want to picture themselves and their own families living in your home. So try to make sure your home is free of kids toys and pet toys scattered about the house, and remove your children and pets while showings are taking place. If you can’t remove your pets, lock them up or tuck them away from sight during showings, a buyer might be terrified of dogs and not want to view the home potentially costing you a deal. Keep your home clean and free of pet odors as well.

Using Bad Photos

First impressions are everything when selling your home! Over 90% of home buyers begin their search online, so be sure that you and your agent get the best photos of your home possible. You might think that the photos you took with your iPhone look pretty good and didn't cost a dime, but you might be losing out on lots of showings which means a sale. So spend the money and get some professional photography for your home and make those buyers fall in love with your home before they even step foot inside. And remember, you only get one first impression so make it count!

By: Megan Bell


Mark VandenBrink is an award-winning Century 21 Real Estate Professional and someone who believes in helping others reach their dreams of home ownership.

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